The Aftermath

If I was throwing around chapter title ideas I’d go with ‘the Aftermath.’ It feels like the part in the movie where the crescendo has gone on too long & the audience knows that something amazingly great or terribly horrid is about to happen. And the audience has been rooting for the good guys most […]

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The fb memories that come up of the Bayou are wonderful & horrible & happy & sad & comforting & painful all at once. People like to tell me I have to be one of those at a time, usually grateful. I say, don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot hold multiple feelings simultaneously. […]

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Today was supposed to feel great. After months & months we are finally in our new house that feels nothing like home & is filled with nothing but the still soggy, mildew infested remnants of things so dear to my heart I’d give a limb to see them intact one last time. People keep texting […]

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…”quite possibly, God has chosen us to display His works in or through us through this suffering.” ~ Jody Zappia

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Pockets of Normal

I asked Kristina if I could post a picture of her as one of our “pockets of normal”. She said, “Mom, there is nothing normal about me letting you post my picture.” Touché Kristina.

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Collateral Beauty

It is still difficult for me to drive into our city without crying. I’ve gotten more used to seeing the broken pieces of our neighbor’s homes lining the street. People in body suits & respiratory masks have become a familiar part of the landscape. These things no longer provoke my tears. But I cannot seem […]

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RockBottom, Texas

Rock Bottom can be found at a town in Texas. The past few days have been dedicated to FEMA. There is a lot of waiting for FEMA, and so my mind was largely left unattended. Free to wander, my thoughts kept drifting back to a Trauma Training I attend several years ago. This training was […]

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Be the Hero of Your Story

📜How you tell your story matters. And not just to you, but to your kids who are listening & the world who -thanks to social media- is watching. It shocks me that not everyone realizes this. 💡 The other day I went to explore the area around a house we are interested in. The kids […]

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Karuṇā In Action

It is tough to find human words to adequately express the depth of Love Jaedyn, Kristina, Téah & I felt at receiving this ginormous care package from Janel & her amazing family. If love, compassion, encouragement, & Hope could be boxed and shipped it would look exactly like this. Each and every of the many […]

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